17.11.29 Love Your Home

Love Your Home” is an interactive piece for Ørsted edited by Michael Heldman at Spot Welders, finished at SHIPPING + HANDLING, and directed by Ben Tricklebank at Smuggler.

We’re thrilled to introduce Trevor Clarence to the U.S. market! Welcome to Gifted Youth! Check out Trevor’s work here.

Bart Timmer’s spot for ALDI SÜD is out of this world! Full of whimsy and sci-fi themes, “Space Station” elevates the narrative comedy game to cosmic levels.

Barking Owl’s arrangement of the Black Keys’ “Everlasting Light” sets the perfect tone for Macy’s holiday spot directed by Steve Ayson at MJZ.

Atticus Ross scores the launch film for Toyota’s “Mobility for All” campaign, celebrating movement in all its many and diverse forms. Sound design by Barking Owl’s Morgan Johnson and mix by Patrick Navarre. Directed by John Hillcoat.

AKQA’s new campaign for Bethesda’s WOLFENSTEIN II cleverly imagines a post WWII-world if the Axis Powers had won. On the plus side, players will get the opportunity to kick Hitler in the face. Peak payback! Edited by Spot Welders’ Mischa Meyer, directed by Markus Walter of RESET.

17.10.27 Ciclope Awards

Unit9 took home two Bronze Awards at the Ciclope Festival! One in Live Experience for “Swisscom: Snow Drawings” and another in Interactive Film for “Expedia: Visit Britain“!

Volkswagen’s nostalgic “Rain” spot directed by Lance Acord bucks automotive advertising trends by not including a single new car shot.  Sound design by Barking Owl’s Morgan Johnson and mix by Patrick Navarre.  Peace, love, and German engineering!

17.09.21 North Face

Barking Owl teams up with SID LEE, The North Face, and Maggie Rogers on a new Ventrix campaign. Music, Sound Design, and Mix by Barking Owl.

BRF welcomes director Danny Sangra to the roster!